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Picking the perfect hairstyle for your wedding

Aug 7, 2017

Professional Hair & Makeup For Your Special Day.

…and a bit about bridesmaids

Hair color plays a bigger part in picking your style than you may think. For example; if you have dark hair, you will see less texture than if you have blonde hair. The same hair style in two different hair colors will look completely different. When searching through the thousands of updos on pinterest it is extremely important to put your hair color into the search (Blonde textured updo).

Length!!! Ladies, let’s be honest about how much hair we have. If you have shoulder length hair you will not be getting a big bun with your updo.

Fake Hair!!! It’s the best! I highly recommend it to 80% of people. If you want length, volume or both this is the absolute best option to achieve that. You can get a pack of clip in extensions from $100-$250 depending on how much you want to spend. You can even take them to your stylist and have her match them to your hair color! The best part about extensions is they are real hair and no one will ever know its fake. It is yours afterall, you paid for them 😉

You want to look like yourself. So many ladies think that they want to have a super glam look. Once their super voluminous chignon is in their hair they all of a sudden begin to panic. Pick a style that represents you. If you are super glam on a regular basis, glam it up girl! If you never blow dry your hair and wear it natural with no product every day, you should probably stay with something a bit more casual. If you do not look like yourself you are not going to feel comfortable.  

Bridesmaids are an extension of you. They are in all of your photos, forever. You may not think it’s important to give direction or tell them what hairstyle to get, it is. Even if you just give boundaries or say “everyone needs to be up,” or “everyone needs to be down,” having a cohesive look throughout your wedding party looks the best in photos. What I recommend is picking out 3-5 styles that are similar for the girls to choose from. It keeps people from being too picky or unrealistic with their hair goals. It’s your day after all!

Search examples:

  • Shoulder length updo
  • Short blonde upstyle
  • Half up long brown updo
  • Blonde textured messy updo
  • Best updos for dark hair
  • Best updos for short fine hair (insert hair color if desired)
  • Updos for naturally curly hair

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