1. Please bring inspiration pics! That way we can have a great discussion about what you love and don't love about each look. We want to make sure we capture the vibe you are going for as well as making sure you feel and look like your stunning self!

  2. Make sure to come with clean, dry hair. We recommend avoiding using shampoos that have silicones in them. Please let us know if you have a particular routine you'd love to do before your consultation. That way we can make a game plan based on your hair and desired look for the wedding day.

  3. Wear a top that is a similar color and has a similar neckline to your wedding dress. That way you can see the whole look together.

  4. Bring hair extensions if you'd love to wear them! They do need to be 100% human hair so they can be styled with heat. Let us know if you need to see our 'Hair Extensions Guide'. We're happy to help!

  5. Bring hair pieces or a veil you'd love to see placed with the hairstyle.

    Please feel free to check out our in-depth consultation/wedding day guidelines here:

    AnaRie's Trial Run Guidelines

We always encourage bringing 3-5 inspiration pics! That way we can really find out what you like in each photo and the overall vibe you'd love your hair and makeup looks to have. We suggest looking at styles with a similar hair color, texture, and length to your own. That way you can get a sense of what will look beautiful in photos as well as in person. For finding texture, ask yourself these questions:

'Do I have fine, straight hair?'
'Do I have fine, curly hair?'
'Do I have thick, curly hair?'
'Do I have fine, thin hair?'
'Do I have thick, coarse hair?'

If you are unsure, please feel free to send a pic ahead of time and definitely ask the stylist at the wedding day consultation. We want to use the pics you love as inspiration and do what is best for your hair.

As soon as possible!

Our studio is open by appointment only so we suggest booking consultations as soon as you know when you will be in the area for wedding planning! Our dates, both weekdays and weekends, book quickly so please keep in touch as you make travel plans. We are most flexible during the week for in-studio consultations! We recommend any time 6-12 weeks before your wedding date.

Please keep in mind that trial runs are not 'try outs'. They are a time for us to meet with you to perfect your specific, personal vision for your wedding day beauty looks!

More information to come! Please stay tuned!

If possible, we recommend booking hair and makeup consultations separately from your engagement session.

This is for a couple of reasons - Hair may be prepped differently for engagement photos versus the wedding day based on how long the style needs to stay and the style you are looking for. Engagement photo sessions also tend to have a more laid back vibe than on the wedding day, so we want to make sure we show up in the best way for what you want to gain from the hair and makeup appointments. 

With that being said, we love providing hair and makeup services for all wedding occasions and will work with you to try to handle separate appointments for engagement sessions and wedding consultations! If they do need to be the same appointments, we recommend knowing the priority for the outcome of the hair and makeup looks on that date. 

Yes! We love lashes and carry anywhere between 10-15 different styles. We make sure they are custom-fit and trimmed to feel and look great all night long.

We travel everywhere and anywhere you'd love us to be! If we have to stay over before a wedding, the accommodation is paid for by the client. Travel fees are incurred if we travel outside of 20 miles of residence of the stylist and artist. We do this because we are located all over Western North Carolina and these mountains can take a long time to travel through. All travel fees are discussed in the booking process and are only incurred after the contract is signed if the location changes.

We try to keep it as simple as possible! A signed contract and retainer will secure services in our calendar. This procedure usually goes as follows:

  1. We receive your inquiry, then send a quote, pricing, and questionnaire.
  2. Once that information is confirmed and all set, we'll send over a contract and invoice for the retainer. The contract will have the timeline, location, and number of hair and/or makeup services needed on the wedding day. 
  3. We then allow 3 days to sign the contract and pay the retainer to secure services in our calendar. We use Dubsado for the contract, so you'll always have a link that you can use to access the completed contract, and Square for the invoices to keep your payment information secure.

There is no fee for you to pay with a credit card!

Using Square does incur charges for the company so please let us know if you're able to pay with check or Zelle.

Gratuity is not included in your pricing, though it is always appreciated for your individual stylists/artists!

We love what we do. Wedding day hair and makeup is our passion and receiving a little something extra is always the icing on the cake.


You are more than welcome to book individual services, or package them. We do have minimums for certain times of the year - and all information regarding minimums will be communicated to you in advance.

We love those intimate elopement days as well as celebrating with a whole crew on a big wedding day!
Because of the size of the AnaRie Hair and Makeup team, we can accommodate almost any large wedding party size! Please use the inquiry form and send over details so we can get a personalized quote over to you! 
During our peak season, we do have minimums for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday dates. This ensures we show up in the best way for you! That way we don't 'stack' appointments during our busiest, most fun times. 
We prefer to schedule about 50 minutes per hair service, and 50 minutes per makeup service, while scheduling an hour for each of the bride's beauty services. We also provide a detailed hair and makeup timeline for everyone to have before the big day!

Once a contract is signed and retainer is paid, your team has committed to your wedding date and services.  

Adding additional services: As long as we have the time/team available., services can be added.

Subtracting services: Services cannot be subtracted for a lesser price

Transferring services: Services are non-transferable to another date. If you find that you need to postpone or change your date of services, we will work with you to try to make this happen. Often our team is booked in advance so your new date may not be available. In the event that it is available, a service fee does apply to all date changes.


We absolutely do!

We want to make sure everything runs smoothly and each person knows where and when they need to be in the hair and/or makeup chair. Sometimes beauty services run more quickly or slowly than scheduled, so we respectfully request each person is ready at least 30 minutes before their assigned time slots. Each person needs to arrive with clean, dry hair and a clean face (light moisturizer is okay). If someone has a question about regular products they use or a specific drying technique, please let us know!

We try to be prepared for every situation and bring everything needed! However, here is a quick list of some of the things we will need to help provide you with the best experience possible:

  1. Tablespace for our kits is always necessary! We recommend about a dining room table's amount of space for 1 hairstylist and 1 makeup artist.
  2. We try to use natural lighting if possible, so a location that provides lots of natural light is always a plus.
  3. We need easily accessible parking spaces for each service provider. Please let us know any specific driving directions or parking instructions as soon as you receive them. The mountains can be difficult to navigate and we want to make sure to have as much information about the location as possible.
  4. An additional contact person. We ask that this person please have their phone close by in case we need to reach out! Either a wedding planner, coordinator, family member, bridal party member, or friend are a great choice for this.
  5. The hair team always needs an outlet. We do bring extension cords but we ask that you please make sure outlets in the location are functional.
  6. Everyone receiving service should bring hair and makeup inspiration pics. We recommend they ask you about what you'd love for their beauty looks well before the wedding day. This eliminates having to ask on the wedding day and helps establish a clear vision for your desired style.
  7. We highly recommend that dresses and outfits are steamed the night before the wedding, or before hair and makeup services are provided on the wedding day. The humidity of the steamers can break down hairstyles and makeup looks.
  8. We definitely recommend that anyone receiving beauty services from AnaRie Beauty find their hair and makeup inspiration pictures well before the wedding day. That way everyone is on the same page and excited about getting their hair and makeup done by us. Pinterest and Instagram are great places to find inspiration. Here are the links to ours: