Wedding Hair & Makeup

Look & Feel Like Yourself

Your wedding day hairstyling services and makeup applications are experiences that are once in a lifetime. We want to make sure they are the best. Our passion is to make sure you absolutely love what you see in the mirror on your wedding day. We want to ensure you feel and look like yourself. We pride ourselves on providing a comfortable and relaxing experience. Our vetted team of hair stylists and makeup professionals are highly trained in trends as well as keeping looks classic and cohesive. We love to be there for you and look forward to starting the beauty process!

Bridal Consultations

We are so excited and looking forward to meeting you! Trial runs are the perfect time and place to perfect your wedding day hair and/or makeup looks. We’re there for you! We love to discuss wedding day details and how we can best show up for you and your bridal attendants. Consultations include verbal discussion of what will be performed, instruction of how to prepare hair and skin for the day (freshly washed/blown dry/curly, etc), and performance of one look (hair and/or makeup) to meet expectations of the wedding day. If the bride chooses to wear a veil and/or accessories in her hair, they will be placed within the style the day of the consultation so the bride can see the final outcome of her wedding day look.

Bridal Services

Customized hairstyling and makeup services will help you feel incredible and beautiful for the entire day and night of the wedding. We can accomplish everything from a soft, romantic look to full glam. Our passion is creating looks that make you feel like yourself. We want to offer amazing experiences for each person who sits in our chairs. We make sure each person is heard and the looks are done based on comfort level and what is wanted for each member of your bridal party, mother, family member. The bridal look will be the style that the stylist, artist, and bride discuss and/or perform at the consultation(s). Extensions and/or hair pieces can be added to complete the style, as well as the implementation of a veil or other hair embellishments as requested. We want you to feel confident whether portraits are being taken or you are partying with your guests!

Wedding Party Hair & Makeup

We love to make sure your whole crew feels incredible! Though it’s your special day, we have the staff to provide hair and makeup services for the whole wedding party. We are trained for hair and makeup to look beautiful throughout the entire wedding day but also for photographs. We help make sure every photo is just as special as your special day. AnaRie specializes in traditional as well as airbrush makeup applications.

Wedding Day Touch-Ups

Touch-up services are a great addition for the wedding day. We love to be the extra set of helping hands and support you may want to have next to you to keep you feeling as fresh as possible. Touchup services can be booked for between the first look and the ceremony, after the first tears may happen, or between the ceremony and reception. Even throughout the reception! These are custom-fit services so please feel free to ask any questions you have about it!

Engagement Photo Services

Engagement photos are so fun! It might even be the first time you two are photographed together by a professional photographer! We know how to do makeup and hair for photography. We ensure your face and hair stay touchable even through a photo session with the person you love and want to kiss all the time! Usually, engagement photos are done to capture your natural beauty and love between you and your future spouse. Let us help you feel gorgeous before that photo session too!

Special Occasions

Going out for a fun night? Bachelorette parties are welcome! It’s so fun to feel glamorous for a night out or special event! Let us help you get ready for that occasion! We can play your favorite music, talk all things beauty, and have fun with your hair and makeup! Glitter can be used!