Sitting down with Jessica of Jessica Merithew Photography

I had the chance to virtually hang out with Jessica of Jessica Merithew Photography. Her work is natural, true to color, and full of emotion! I remember the first time I met Jessica in person at a wedding. We were passing each other at the elevator and I exclaimed, ‘Are you Jessica?! It’s so great to meet you!’ And even though she had all of her gear, she gave me a big hug and promise to catch up soon. So here we are! Please let me know if you have other questions you’d like to ask a professional wedding photographer from Asheville, NC!

What is your absolute favorite hour during the wedding day?

Jessica Merithew Photography: I LOVE the hour leading up the ceremony. There are so many beautiful emotions! The energy of the wedding party, families, and guests is incredibly loving and emotional. At every wedding I can feel the anticipation that the couple feels and that reinforces their love and devotion to one another in my eyes. It’s an incredible hour of joy, nervousness, happy tears, and beautiful candid moments for me to capture. Whether a bride is stepping into her dress or we are taking wedding party photos, the feelings of excitement and joy surpass any other feeling in that moment. It’s such a beautiful time!

How come your business has your name in it?

Jessica Merithew Photography: Put simply, because it’s me! I am my business, wholeheartedly. My heart and soul has gone into building my photography business and I am so very proud of that. I primarily work alone as well, so it’s easy for people to remember my name when it’s also my business name. Plus, my last name is unique and I like to share it with the world!

Do you have a preference of photographing more of the, “Getting ready Time,” or “The Couple’s Exit?” How do you make that recommendation to your couples?

Jessica Merithew Photography: Both getting ready photos and the grand exit are important parts to any wedding day. I recommend having a photographer present for both, but if one must be chosen, I recommend the getting ready time. During this time, the photographs that are captured show immense emotion and detail. The photos taken while couples are getting ready really set up the entire wedding photography gallery for an all encompassing feel of the day. The hanging dress, the shoes and jewelry, the hair and makeup, the brides first look with her bridesmaids, the groom getting ready with his groomsmen, and parents seeing their children for the first time while dressed and ready for their wedding are moments that will never happen a second time, and families cherish those moments for generations. They are incredibly important details that tell the entire wedding day story and I encourage every couple to have them captured.

How do you make the space you’re in when editing all about work and what do you need to do? Do you have a favorite editing drink, music, or podcast to listen to?

Jessica Merithew Photography: I have a dedicated office in my home where I do all of my work, including editing. It’s set up to be functional and feels very inviting. It’s modern, has clean lines, and is comfortable for me. I not only have a desk, but also a comfortable side chair where I sit for most of my editing. I like to sink into my chair, drink an iced tea, listen to acoustic rock and tab through a couples beautiful wedding day photos.

How did you settle into your editing style? What are the emotions you want your work to evoke?

Jessica Merithew Photography: My editing style is very natural, and I have always edited close to this. For a short time I was a little lighter, but fell back into even more natural brightness, contrast, and color. For me, capturing moments is about what is happening right then, exactly where we are. In my mind, the photograph should depict just that. I strive for the brightness and color in my photographs to be exactly how the naked eye sees it, exactly how the scene was when the photograph was taken. In doing this, those initial emotions easily come through the photograph, allowing us to relive that moment. They are not changed or altered in any way. I am a photographer here to capture moments and emotions as they happen, in the state they happen, and that’s exactly what I intend to do, always.


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